Covid response @ Red Traffic Light Settings

24 January 2022

As of today our country moves to the Red Traffic Light settings in response to community transmission of the Omicron variant of Covid 19.

To protect our team, our community and your beloved pets we will be requiring all people on the premises to wear their mask in an effective manner.  This means the mask must be close fitting and effectively cover the nose and mouth.

A person wishing to accompany their pet into the examination room will need to present a vaccine pass.

Only one person will be allowed to accompany the pet into the consultation room. This is an enclosed space.

No children will be allowed in the consultation room.

If the person presenting the pet is unvaccinated then, they will need to consent to providing information about their pet to the vet at an appropriate distance in the retail area or outside the building. They will need to allow examination of their pet in the consult room with the vet and vet nurse being present.

We hope that everyone stays healthy and aim to provide a quality service to our veterinary patients. Please work with us to do the best we possibly can in these challenging times.