Our Consultations are run by appointment with the principal vet being either Hamish or Karen.

This helps ensure continuity of care and avoids 'seeing a different vet everytime'.

On occasions, when we are on leave, a fully qualified, experienced veterinarian will be on duty for your pet's veterinary needs.


From routine surgical desexing to orthopaedic procedures, removal of growths, wound repair and reconstruction we have a wealth of experience from many years in clinical practice.

We also have a strong relationship with a registered specialist surgical team when needed.


Dental care is extremely important for the health and welfare of your pet.

Dental disease can be a source of chronic hidden pain.

We routinely help our patients with their oral health by ultrasonically descaling and polishing teeth.

If necessary teeth are extracted. These teeth are usually either broken, have cavities or have lost surrounding dental support tissue.

Lab Tests

Laboratory and diagnostic tests are available both in clinic and with an accredited veterinary laboratory

Pet Supplies

A comprehensive pet supplies store is located onsite for your day to day requirements for cats, dogs and other small pets.

All at reasonable prices.

We are always happy to source special orders for clients and as owners of pets ourselves we are happy to make recommendations on our products.


Microchips have proven invaluable in returning pets to their rightful owners.

They are safe and reliable to insert and help to provide peace of mind should your pet go 'walk about'.

For more information on microchipping click here

Cat grooms

A cat grooming service under sedation is available to minimise stress on your pet (and injuries to you).

Grooming equipment for your cat dog and other small pet is available in store.


Digital X-rays are available on site and we have access to a highly qualified ultrasonographer