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More on microchipping

Do the Microchips stop working?

The microchips that we implant have not been associated with failures.

The chips that we implant are guaranteed for 10,000 reads.


Do the Microchips migrate?

It is possible for a microchip to move around under the skin, usually moving lower down the shoulders. This is not common. The more modern microchips are manufactured to minimise the likelihood of movement. Vets know to pass a scanner over a wide area of a pet in case a microchip has moved. If a microchip is found in an unexpected site then it will be recommended for a microchip to be implanted in the standard site.

We are not aware of the movement of a microchip causing any adverse health event.


What if I am moving overseas?

We use ISO accredited chips which can be read Internationally.


Do all scanners read our Microchips?

All ISO accredited scanners will read ISO accredited chips. This is an international standard with which we comply.



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